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Hay House UK is proud to present their affiliate programme, designed for all websites looking to link to the world's leading Mind, Body and Spirit publisher to generate revenue from your content and emails.

Key details for those familiar with affiliates programmes (new to affiliates programmes? Click here):


  • Commission on products from 10% to 20%.
  • Commission on events 10% (for example this equates to £24 per ticket for the “I Can Do It” 2012 event ticket)
  • Cookie duration of 60 days.
  • Personalised affiliate account area with clicks, sales and commission information, all of which is downloadable for analysis.
  • Great range of banners available for products and events.
  • Monthly email with new product information, special promotions for affiliates, details of extracts and other content for you to use.

If you are new to affiliate programmes and you want to know more then read on:

What is an affiliate programme?

An affiliate programme is a commission-based programme where we pay you for sales of products and events when the customer making the purchase has arrived from your website or blog.

How does it work?

You click on the “Sign Up” link at the top of the page, fill out a short form and once we have approved your application (which is processed within 48 hours), then you are ready to go.

You will then get access to your own affiliate area where you create links with your special ID and add these on your website, blog or emails.

So for instance if you wanted to create a simple link to the event “I Can Do It 2012!”, you generate your affiliate link so any visitors can be tracked when they click on it. This link can either be part of a text link or it can be linked to a banner on your website. The link would look something like this (although your visitors won't see it):

The affiliate link allows you and us to track all the visitors that have come to our website via your website and any tickets or other products bought by them on our site will earn you a commission.

How does the commission on sales work?

The system automatically registers each sale that has come from your link and calculates the correct commission; you will be able to see this in the affiliate area.

The basic commission we offer is 10% on net product sales (excluding VAT and delivery) and 10% on net events sales (excluding VAT).

However, to reward you and to incentivise you to drive more traffic and sales on our website, we have come up with a rising commission rate based on the amount of turnover. The commission bands are based on sales achieved (excluding VAT and delivery where applicable) each month.

Below is a breakdown of the commission rates for both products and events. There will occasionally be increased commission for particular events or products for a limited time, but all affiliates will be told about these in advance.

Commission levels


  • £0.01 to £2999.99 (net sales, excluding postage): 10%
  • £3000 upwards (net sales, excluding postage): 20%



  • 10% (net sales)


Cookie length

The cookie is the tracking information that shows a visitor has come to our website from your website; we track this for 60 days. This means that if a customer comes to our website from your website and purchases something, and then comes back again in a month to purchase something else, you will still get the commission for both sales. You will continue to get all commissions from the visitor you referred for 60 days from their first visit to our website via your link.

What should I do to generate commission?

The affiliates who make the most in commission will be those who have a good number of visitors to their website or blog, and who make the best use of the content we provide (along with their own writing and content) to make visitors want to buy our products or events.

How does Hay House help you to generate commission?

We provide affiliates with professionally designed banners available in the affiliate area, which will enhance your website or blog and help to establish your link with Hay House; if you have the right audience then they will definitely help drive traffic to our website and commissions for you!

The affiliate area also provides some analysis tools where you can see clicks from your website and the sales achieved. This will help you understand what proportion of clicks to sales you are achieving and if you have more than one link to the Hay House homepage or a particular product page then you can evaluate what is working best and look to recreate this with another product or event.

There will be a monthly email offering information on the new products and where you can get free content, details of extracts from books that can be linked to from your website, and video and audio that will help you decide what events or product you might want to highlight and write about or review.

Hay House are the leading publishers in this genre and whether you recommend, review or just promote our products and events, your visitors are likely to know our products and will be confident in buying from our website which all adds up to repeat visits to your website, traffic to our website and, of course, sales.

How do I sign up?

To start generating revenue all you need to do is to click the link at the bottom of this page, sign up and open your affiliate account. It only takes a couple of minutes.

We will then review your application and your website to see if it suitable. Signing up for an account is not a guarantee that we will accept you as an affiliate.

If we approve your application you will be sent a confirmation email with log in details and can start generating your affiliate links and downloading the banners.

Click here to sign up.